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DUGDER! Is not sound of terrorist bomb

Semarang for citizens, there is a tradition that made the fasting month, the 'Dugder'. Dugder is a festival or celebration to mark the start of worship in the fasting month of Ramadhan.
This history began in the 1891.Semarangs regent, RMTA Purbaningrat, the start of the ceremony as a sign of worship for the Semarang people of fasting begins .Ki Lurah out ceremony accompanied with guards, and stop on the side of a cannon.After, bedug beaten once, and two cannon in three times.Heared sound of cannon and bedug, Semarang and surrounding residents know that the beginning of Ramadan fasting is the next day.So 'Dugder' onomatope is the voice of bedug-dug, dug, dug and cannon voice-duer-.

One of the unique event in the Dugder is' Warak Ngendhog 'that is unique toys that can be found from every event Dugder. This is like a goat's body, with head like a dragon.but some of the similar cultural , this animal is a fusion between the dragon from China, and Buroq from Arab.With another word Warak Ngendhog is a symbol of unity of various ethnic groups in Semarang.

Semarang Onthel Community

Ancient, it is the first time we appear in we mind, bicycle onthel.

The ancient bicycle see if this is indeed made in 1950, there are even more who are older.
  At this time the trends in bicycle popularity, as economical, can also make healthy body, mind and refreshing daily routines of the day.
  In Semarang, the community bike Onthel this we can see, every day morning, in front of Lawang Sewu,gather with friends to one another onthel the bike, they enjoy the beautiful atmosphere of the morning in front of the Tugu Muda.Sometimes, rather the day after their sightseeing .
Apart from their bicycle , this community is also easily identified through their clothing
.Dutch clothing or java clothing (lurik), or there is also the style of clothing Soekarno.
  Besides clothes, sometimes they also decorate bicycle with the characteristic of each.

Photos are taken when Semarang Onthel Community(SOC),

a race the independent day of Indonesia, Semarang Kalisari in the field

The Java Heritage held back at Hotel Ciputra Semarang

The art and culture 'The Java Heritage' held back at Hotel Ciputra Semarang from 7-25 August 2009, aims to preserve and provide appreciation of Javanese Culture.
Photo Collection Semarang Tempo DOELOE, Bicycles Onthel(sepeda onthel), Home Business Network, Paguyuban Batik Bokor Kencono , Paguyuban Wiji Puri, and Paguyuban Joglo Semarang, you can see in the events held in the lobby of Hotel Ciputra Semarang.Also can be found Pesona Batik Pesisiran, Kriya Metal, demo cigarettes, painting exhibitions, and keris exhibitions

Blenduk Church in Semarang

Christian Church, located in the road Letjend Suprapto, Netherlands on the road this time known by the name Heerenstraat, is the oldest church in the midle Java.Built in year 1753, with Heksagonal form, giving character to the elegant European architecture and aristokrat, while the architecture is created based on the Cross Greek.
Two towers in front of the church built in 1894 by W. Westmaas and HPAde Wilde. Name Blenduk is Semarangs epithet from the public, which means that the dome. Dome-shaped church is really 'half sliced the ball', which is very large, made from bronze. dome, made of iron construction with the fingers of 32.
The other side shows how the ancient church, the Bible is in Dutch, is located above platform, aged 247 years or 1748 years are published. And organ, which is located within the dome.Orgel created by Farwangler and P. Hammer.

Lawang Sewu : house with thousand doors

Lawang Sewu

One of the buildings in the city of Semarang is Lawang Sewu, the age of 100 years
Formerly this building is the office of Spoorweg Nederlands Indische Maatschappij (NIS), built in 1903 and completed in 1907.
After the independence of Indonesia, this building once used as office Jawatan Kereta Api or now known as the PT Kereta Api Indonesia.
Now this is a building ancient and historic heritage that is protected.
Located in the area of Tugu Muda Semarang, a front of Wisma Perdamaian, which is the office of Governor Midle Java.From Balaikota Semarang (office Mayor) is only about 500 meters, or if Pandanaran from the road to the west can be 10 minutes walk.

Monument of Semarang City

Tugu Muda is a one of the important icons Semarang, located at the end
of the road Pandanaran, before the building Lawang Sewu.
Tugu Muda surrounded the garden and there is a water fountain, is a
symbol of the struggle in the five days in Semarang

Do we care?

Do we care?

Fifty years from now,
Map of the world will change
Many islands will disappear,
Many islands will be submerged
The world will be full of water .....

Fifty years from now
House building in the middle of the city,
Will be located on the sea

Even now
We already feel
Floods, forest gone, and summer temperature ...

Fifty years from now,
Perhaps we no longer exists, but
Our children and grandchildren
Will bear all our greed.

Then ...
Should their children and grandchildren-our-own bear the consequences of our actions now

Save our children and grandchildren, our environment with care

The old world

The old world

When God created the earth,
Give the man the freedom to develop the world,
With careful
With resourceful mind
With feelings and
With all the ability

When the earth finally developed, created a civilization,
A plural society,
Diverse cultures

When people start greedy,
Trees falling down,
Out the forest,
surface of the sea water rising,
Forest in the concrete of the city .. which is normal.

When the injured starting ...
Earth began to cry ..!
Floods, landslides, global warming, a variety of diseases,
is the wrath of nature

Still we do not want to open eyes
For all our greed?

This is the time ...

This is the time ...
Releasing the full story of shoes
Laying a backpack full of problems
Bath and drive away feeling sick
Calm the restless soul

This is the time ...
Sit together and talk
Mutual respect among human
Aware of the act
In the book mind
And remembrance of the Hereafter will be ....

By Rendra