The old world

The old world

When God created the earth,
Give the man the freedom to develop the world,
With careful
With resourceful mind
With feelings and
With all the ability

When the earth finally developed, created a civilization,
A plural society,
Diverse cultures

When people start greedy,
Trees falling down,
Out the forest,
surface of the sea water rising,
Forest in the concrete of the city .. which is normal.

When the injured starting ...
Earth began to cry ..!
Floods, landslides, global warming, a variety of diseases,
is the wrath of nature

Still we do not want to open eyes
For all our greed?

This is the time ...

This is the time ...
Releasing the full story of shoes
Laying a backpack full of problems
Bath and drive away feeling sick
Calm the restless soul

This is the time ...
Sit together and talk
Mutual respect among human
Aware of the act
In the book mind
And remembrance of the Hereafter will be ....

By Rendra